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Scent du Mal (30ml bottle)
Scent du Mal (30ml bottle)

Scent du Mal is an all-natural, androgynous, floral oriental, composed of essential oils and handmade tinctures.

Anchored by a darkly resinous base of frankincense, benzoin and amber, wood and earth notes imbue the scent with depth and body, while the literal fleurs du mal of the scent - rose otto, tuberose and neroli - evoke the redolently hedonistic. Top notes of mandarin and fragonia offer the scent both wearability and glimpses of light from its subterranean depths.

Top notes: mandarin, fragonia

Heart notes: rose otto, tuberose, neroli, helichrysum

Base notes: frankincense, benzoin, amber, vetiver, Australian sandalwood, amyris, rosewood, costus root

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