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C o v e n L o o k 2
C o v e n L o o k 2

Velvet Morticia Dress Blue velvet, extra long sleeves, high neck + zip at back, thigh high splits up either leg, cut outs at arm pit. Fits S – L.

Latex Crop Long Sleeves, high neck + zip at back. Embroidered with 'Infinite Pain' at chest. Alternatively 'Infinite Pain' can be painted onto the crop. Available in dark grey, gum red, emerald, dusty pink, peach + mannequin. Fits XS – SM.

Bondage Trench (worn backwards as dress): Silk, adjustable bondage straps run vertically + horizontally through the trench adjusting the fit of the trench. Horizontal straps act like belts strapping you into the trench from the neck, across the chest & at the waist. Vertical straps adjust to alter the length of the trench at the sleeve + the hem. Available in black silk, custom plaid + custom cheetah. Sample fits XS – M.

Please email directly for other sizes and customisation.


$295.00 ex. TAX